Penny Stock Prophet Review


penny stock prophets review

So every once in a while, most of us dab into trading financial market with aim of making some money, while some trade for couple of months and run away never looking back because of a lack of successful strategy and success, others stay the course, they learn the ropes of trading, they become familiar with the concepts of profit and loss system in the financial markets, they adopt and master a strategy and hence, they go on to become skillful in their trading so much that they begin to rake in some money fulfilling their dream of making money through trading in the financial market.

The stock market is a very complex market, that’s why we seek help to take our trading to the next level; this help mostly comes in form of buying one strategy or indicator. Some indicators work while others are pure scam, however, irrespective of any strategy you bought, the success of the trading still lies on the ability of the trader to master the market. Today, one of those strategies that is quite popular in stock trading is the widely known asPenny Stock Prophet. In this article we are going to be doing a thorough penny stock prophet review


What is Penny Stock Prophet?

This is a program that aims to help people to identify the right penny stock breakouts. Penny stock breakouts are the ones with greatest profit potentials. Hence to help those that subscribe to this program take advantage of penny stock breakouts, the program sends out weekly newsletters about top stock picks for the week. The program is a newsletter unlike any other one you’ve ever subscribed to before.

It contains complete information about each stock it recommends and why you should choose the stock. Penny stock prophet mostly recommends stocks that cost less than $5 giving everyone an opportunity to get started with little money, reducing the risk involved in each trading.


The Brain Behind The Program – James Connelly

The Penny Stock Prophet program was designed and run by James Connelly, a guy with good knowledge of mathematics. He is a professional stock trader who developed this program while still in college.

Connelly reveals that he was anxious to experiment his strategy for investment and money making formula after he developed it, though he was not sure how it will turn out. However, he traded $1000 using this strategy and he was able to turn the $1000 into six figure income after just 38 trades. That was an awesome feat, one I know you will like to achieve.


Thus the Penny Stock Prophet is purely based on the exact strategy that he used to turn the one thousand dollars into six figure income.


How Does Penny Stock Prophet Programs Works?

When you subscribe to Penny Stock Prophet, you automatically join a community from which you can learn which stocks you can invest your money into while trading during the week; you begin to receive a weekly newsletter which contains top picks of the week and the reason why those picks are more likely to work. The newsletters also contain information on how much to invest and when to sell. Also, you will receive information about the company itself, so that you will be able to know the company before you go ahead and invest your money.

Penny Stock Prophet concentrates on picking penny stocks also known as micro-cap stocks which are small investment. However, just because they are small does not mean you can’t make huge profit from them. There are lots of potentials for bigger profit when you trade with the right company, trading on penny stocks also reduce the financial risk you bear in each trade. One of the greatest challenges in stock trading is predicting the movement of stocks, what the program does it that it tries to predict the movement of these stocks and give you idea of what is happening with the stocks.

Every trader needs a stock broker, thus when you subscribe to the program, they will advice you on which broker that may be most suitable for you needs thus eliminating the confusion that arise from searching for a broker. Furthermore, most brokers don’t accept penny stock traders but by subscribing to Penny Stock Prophet system, you can get yourself a good stock broker.


Picks And Results

Generally, most of the picks you get are good, but there are some that may not pan out. However, on average those that will pan out will cover for the insignificant few that did not.

Split you trade, never trust a trade so much that you put in 100% of your investment into any one stock. Remember, success in stock market depends on the market and your timing.


The Price Of Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet cost one-time payment of just $97, this payment is once is a life-time payment. Once you made the payment, you will receive the newsletter forever. There are no hidden fees. This payment also comes with 60 day money back guarantee.


Pros Of The Program

  • The picks are done by actual human and not software; this is where Penny Stock Prophet has an edge over other indicators.
  • The strategies are proven to work; this means whether you are just beginning or you are an experienced trader, you will benefit from using the program.
  • The program offers free trial. You can try it without paying any money.
  • You also receive a 60 day money back guarantee to get your money back if you don’t like the program.


Cons Of The Program

  • Stock trading is a very complex endeavor; as such you still need some knowledge of how to trade stock before you can use the program.
  • There are no publicly available blogs or forums to discuss the trades from this program, which I think is because of the exclusive right you get when you join the system. So their trades are highly guarded and secretive.


Final Review— Is Penny Stock Prophet A Scam?

Penny Stock Prophet is backed by actual human James Connelly; he is the one that picks the stock and send it to subscribers unlike other strategy where software does the work. This means that he can factor in the changes in trading environment before actually picking his trades. This is something that computer software may fail to do. As software only does what they are programmed to do neglecting/unaware of other changes/fluctuations as they arise.

The system is no scam, James Connelly is pretty confident that you will like his system, hence you have 60 days to try the system, if you don’t like it you can have your full money back – 100% guaranteed.


Final Words

The Penny Stock Prophets is a very good trading system, it is back up by history of successful trading and testimonials by those that have actually used the system and made money with it. The program is highly suitable for everyone; there is nothing to lose by giving it a trial.


It offers you a free trial and 60 money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose by using the program for the next 60 days.

Do you want to take your trading to the next level? Take a free trial of the program today. Let the master James Connelly guide you in your trading.

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