Theft of Social Security Number – Don’t Make It Easy


The first step towards protecting your identity from identity thieves is to keep you social security number safe. The theft of your social security number can have severe consequences on your credit score. A stolen security number can be used to take loans or credit cards in your name and this will come back to haunt you down the road.

Your social security number leaves a trail of all your financial transaction, and the financial activities connected with your social security number is used to calculate you credit score. You should protect your social security number by not disclosing it to anyone. Commit the number to memory and don’t carry your card around. Put it away in a safe place, preferably in your home in a fire-proof safe box where no one can reach it.

Try checking through all your bills to find out where your SSN is being used as your account number, if you find any then you will have to ask the company involved to change this and if they refuse then you might start considering disengaging from the services of this company. This is important because your social security number is a very sensitive information and must not be handled anyhow.

Other measures you can use to protect your identity from being stolen, is to make sure you don’t allow your mails to stay long in the mail box before getting them. An identity thief will try to get your mails from your mail box before you do, they will try to get their hands on any information they can get, they will be on the look out for your documents and receipt such as insurance forms, bank details and medical bills, they will try to get details with which they can steal your identity.

Try to find out how you can opt out of offers such as credit cards and loan offers. And then try to shred the ones that do get to you, and make sure you dispose this documents properly to prevent identity thieves from getting their hands on the documents.

Take extra precaution when opening accounts online, make sure you use passwords that cannot be easily predicted, use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make your online accounts secure, but make sure it is something you can easily remember. use all these tips to keep your social security number safe from identity thieves.
theft of social security number

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